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Benefits at a Glance

  • Flexible: closed or open impression taking with corresponding repositionable or retentive impression caps.
  • Application: Impression caps for multiple use (titanium) and single use (aluminium).
  • Modifiable: All retentive impression caps can be shortened to the desired length.
  • Simple: The platform-specific colour coding prevents mix-ups.

Thommen Medical offers metal impression caps for conventional implant-level impressions. Implant-level impression caps are always offered with a metal screw-retained solution.

This allows perfect transfer of the connection geometry. The titanium impression caps are radiopaque and can be checked for a perfect fit by means of X-ray imaging.

Instructions for use Impression at implant level - THM61127

Impression copings, repositionable

Impression copings, retentive, 16.0 mm

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