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The simplicity of use is brought to you by the Thommen implant system through its complete clinical and prosthetic workflow.
It begins with the preparation of the implant bed using the unique VECTOdrill™. Its design with automatic axial guidance prevents the drill from slipping and at the same time ensures a precisely shaped implant bed. The prerequisite for the excellent primary stability of Thommen implants is achieved with just a few drilling steps - central marking and pre-drilling can be dispensed with thanks to a safe and standardized procedure.

Because of the well-proved Thommen implant-abutment connection for all implant lines, the number of instruments needed for a restoration with Thommen implants is minimal. Strictly speaking, dentists and dental technicians could insert implants and carry out prosthetic treatments with just the screwdriver, MONO insertion device and MONO torque ratchet.

MONO torque ratchet

The MONO torque ratchet from Thommen Medical is manufactured from a solid billet of high-strength titanium alloy.

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