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Solar power - Thommen Medical goes solar

The month of August is all about sunshine. On average, the sun illuminates the Thommen Medical building for 14.1 hours a day during this time of year. That makes the photovoltaic system on the newly constructed Thommen Medical building very productive. The system transforms the sun's rays directly into electrical energy without any emissions.

Currently, the generated green electricity can cover the energy needs of nearly 30 single-family homes with four people. And because this form of power generation does not emit any climate-impacting CO2, Thommen Medical will expand the photovoltaic system even further in the third quarter of this year. In the future, this will even cover the energy consumption of up to 60 single-family homes. Fantastic, isn't it?

Thommen Medical is aware of the corporate responsibility for sustainable action. This awareness is firmly anchored in the company philosophy and our everyday business.

Since July 2022, Thommen Medical is "Swiss Climate CO2 OPTIMISED" certified. 

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